Ripstop repair supplies adhesive ripstop nylon repair tape to the individual hobbiest and enthusiast. Ripstop Repair a rip or pinhole in your wing, tent, coat, flag, sail, umbrella, kite or power kite over a non stress area, . Re-waterproof a coat or umbrella with a pinhole.


Ripstop repair tape can repair ripstop nylon paragliders, tents, ripstop kites, coats and awnings and much more. Ripstop repair tape the super versitile light weight product that can save a paragliding or kiting holiday from a wing tear or hole.


Purchase Ripstop repair tape here in cheap convenient 30 cm strips in any color. e.g order 2 x 30cm ripstop tape and you will recieve it as 1 60cm strip.

Have all colors ready to save the day!